JBM Global School – The best CBSE school in Noida

In India, there are two prominent boards of education, not taking into consideration the many state boards-

  • CISCE– CISCE, which is the abbreviation for, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, is a private, national level board for education in India. Headquartered in Pragati House, Delhi, and having a school count of 2015 to its credit, CISCE is a very well-known education board in India.
  • CBSE– CBSE, which is the abbreviation for the Central Board of Secondary Education, is the education board which handles most of the public as well as private schools, which fall under the administration of the Union Government of India. Headquartered in Shiksha Kendra of Delhi, and being administered by the education ministry of India, CBSE is the preferred education board for most Indian students.

Other than the above education boards, India is host to a number of International educational institutions, which are affiliated to international boards like the International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International Examinations or Edexcel. While most of the international schools are affiliated to the above mentioned international boards, some international schools are affiliated to the CBSE board as well. One of the few international schools in Noida to be affiliated to the CBSE board is JBM Global School.

Being a part of the CBSE curriculum has a number of advantages and merits, which are as mentioned below-

  • The 10th and 12th standard examinations are conducted by the education ministry of the Union Government and therefore guarantee strict checking as well maintaining a high quality of education among all the students.
  • The curriculum is directly set by the Union ministry of education, and therefore it is ensured that the syllabus is always up-to-date, and that students of the board are nowhere behind the students of other nations in terms of merit.
  • The certificates issued by the CBSE board, is a highly-respected certificate among national and international institutions around the globe, and therefore it is highly sought after.

Affiliated to the CBSE board, having the best boarding facility the country has to offer, a well-trained staff and faculty, international environment, state of the art infrastructure, a safe and well connected transport system, are but some of the many advantages any student studying at JBM Global School has access to, making it the best CBSE school in Noida and its neighboring parts.

Everyone wants their children to get an education of international standards, and that is why JBM Global School should be always your first choice.


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