How To Be Motivated To Study: A Guide to students by JBM Global School, Noida

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How To Be Motivated To Study: A Guide to students by JBM Global School, Noida

How To Be Motivated To Study: A Guide to students by JBM Global School, Noida


Latest Teaching Methods Adapted by Best Schools in Noida

Change is the necessity to get updated, survive in society and also to learn new things, else being still and doing the monotonous things makes you rusted. No matter which domain you are dealing, out of the box thinking always benefits by giving enhanced results. Learning new thing each day makes you innovative and confident enough with so many skills.

schools in noida
Schools in Noida

The impact of technological change applies to the education sector as well. The time gone when teachers used to write on a black board with a chalk and a class crowded with students listening to them. New and advanced learning methods are coming each new day to deliver best of its kind to the students of 21st Century and to connect with them in a better way.

best schools in noida
Best Schools in Noida

There are few latest methods which most of the international schools in Noida are adopting to inject students with superior quality of learning.

  1. Black Boards have been replaced with projectors for more interactive and participative learning.

  2. Student- Computer ratio has been drastically changed from past years in government schools as well by knowing the need of the hour.

  3. Online learning tools are readily available like quiz, tutorials and mind maps to test child’s knowledge. Learning on web is an efficient medium as it is a wide and open platform to get knowledge of every sector.

  4. Learning through games is another technique for pre schoolers and it is more engaging and effective for kids to develop interest in study while playing.

  5. Using social media to study in classrooms is another way to learn with more motivation.

  6. Flipped classrooms is an interesting way where students prepare a topic at home so that they can answer well in the class next day. Also, teachers came to know the varied level of thinking of each student and their curiousity level.

  7. An equal participation has been made for sports and extra curricular activities so as to give mental relaxation and physical fitness to the body.

international schools in noida
International Schools in Noida

So if you are also finding a good school in Noida, JBM Global will be a perfect choice for you. JBM Global School is one of the famous schools in Noida which imparts quality education to the students with advanced learning skills to inject students with all the required skills and personality traits which make them a complete individual.

International Schools- A Smooth Pathway for Global Learning

As the time passed, the level of education has also taken so many moves from a mere learning place with limited resources, to a wide spacious area having well equipped resources and an open platform of learning. Now the students have enough ways of studying with the use of web.

Unlike past decade, the generic education system has changed a lot from a basic syllabus with a single leak of knowledge to a wide global scenario of international learning with which students can compete with current competitive environment. The same applies to so many available schools in Noida.


The count of such global schools has exploded to almost double in past 10 years after analyzing its need in the market. With so much competition, now a child needs to be injected with a kind of skills which are unique and updated enough which this era demands.

International school is one which genuinely follows an international or national curriculum that is entirely different from host country. There are so many other features which makes a school a complete global learning place.

  • A global advanced curriculum
  • Well equipped classrooms
  • A proper balance between academics and extra curricular for sound personality.
  • Online classrooms
  • Music and arts an integral part of learning
  • Sports and outdoor activities must be there with required resources
  • Qualified faculty

global learning

JBM global School is among one of the top schools in Noida with a great staff and advanced learning skills so as to gain children with what is required for a better future. We believe in giving students proper personality and required traits which are needed to make a complete individual who can sustain in this world.

What we should look in a School?

What is the valuable asset with which one can sustain in his life without any loophole or worries? A literate person who is talented enough doesn’t need any favor for his future. Education is actually a platform to learn those qualities which will work for the lifetime to become sensible enough and a complete personality. But these qualities can’t be learned sitting alone at a home and require a kind of atmosphere where children can grab necessary qualities while sitting with peers.

School- A Pathway for injecting Key Skills

Here comes the need of a quality school where a child can learn all the desired characteristics needed for a complete personality. A good school can not be defined in words, as there are so many features it comprise of. The learning skills an institute impart is the key to success for a child because his behavior reflects the place he belongs from. The skills like being independent, learn ethical values, being socialize, confident, broad thinking, leadership, etc are the indispensable part for an individual to be a fine person.

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The obvious part is that marks can be gained from any place but these qualities can not be inhaled at a glance. So, finding a institute with a rare mix of academics, extra curricular activities and a staff to inject moral ethics and all the required skills which a person need to grow and succeed in his life.

Moreover, the basic factors like fees structure, academic results, student teacher ratio, safety and environment inside can be assured to avoid any discrepancy there after.

If you are also looking for a school where your child get the perfect quality education, JBM Global School will be a perfect choice. It is a fine class school in Noida Extension with a qualified faculty and latest learning methods to make students competent enough to sustain in outside environment. Knowledge is the source to differentiate between right and wrong and thus we impart the same to make students capable enough to take right decision at each phase of their life.

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Quality Learning- A Step Forward for Better Future

What is the most common question that drills in the mind of each parent? It is basically the tension for their kids and dilemma of doubts, like

  • What is the most suitable career option for them?
  • Are they going right way?
  • Are they getting all the required skills needed, as per the current competitive environment?

It is the obvious thing, because parents never want to compromise with the future of their children, no matter how hard they compromise with their personal comfort. Growing age is the time where you can mould a child like clay, in any shape. So, he must be assured to be given all the things required for his overall development.

The primary step for shaping fine career is to select a good school for your child, because it is the root place to inject all the required personality traits into it, to make him a complete personality. A child starts grabbing such qualities here only, which are not possible while sitting at home.


Outside environment, staying with peers, being independent, extrovert, responsible, social, friendly, adjustable, ability to work in a team, habit to share, are some of the crucial factors which makes an individual strong enough to sustain in outside environment, with strangers.

The next step for a school is to have excellent academic record, where a student must receive qualitative learning skills with the qualified staff, which helps in strengthening his knowledge and to sustain in outside environment.

Extra curricular activities are of the important pillar for shaping overall personality of a child. It helps in minimizing the stress, and counts for good academic results, as it is a medium for mental and physical exercise to keep mind and body relaxed.

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JBM Global School is among one of the reputed schools situated in Noida extension, with qualified staff, vast infrastructure, well equipped classrooms, and all the other required facilities, that leads for good academic results and a strong platform for secured future.

JBM Global School- An Innovative Learning Place for this Advanced Era

What is the most important aspect that influence an individual’s life the most.? It is ultimately the kind of education he gets from the very first day of learning. This time is like a wet clay, which can be molded into any shape you want. So, proper attention should be given to a child for his learning skills , so that he will develop as a complete personality.

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Thinking broadly, education seems like a weapon which can support a person to sustain for lifetime, and embeds basic personality traits into him, like being confident, patient, extrovert, coordination skills, team work, tendency to adjust in a new environment, friendly, discipline, independent, and capable enough to stand hard in tough time of his life.

These characteristics can not be put into a child sitting at home, until he will sit and explore himself in the restrictive environment of an educational institute. JBM Global School is one such institute which delivers superior quality learning skills to the students, in order to make them a strong personality, and they will come out with the bright future ahead.



There are so many features which are making it a finest choice among top schools in Noida

  1. Situated at a fine location in Noida, JBM is in the list of parents who want qualitative education for their kids.
  2. Following the CBSE board, there are wide options which a student can get for the competitive exams, as it is the universal platform which most higher studies institutes follow.
  3. A qualified team of staff who believes in imparting the learning skills as compatible to current environment.
  4. A great emphasis is there on extra curricular activities, which works for the overall personality development of the child.
  5. Academic results at par is the specialty of JBM global school, as being in the list of best schools in Noida.

So, if you are planning a great future for your kid, come to us for the good quality education, and a shining career.

Things to be considered while choosing a school

When a child is born, the first thing that came to every parent’s mind is to provide Choose the best schooltheir child the best career as well as education. They just want to give their child a secured and healthy future. The first step that can provide a way to future is schooling. School is the only place from where the child learns its beliefs and values. If the school environment is not secured, then it will be difficult to maintain the base of the child.
Choosing a school is the main decision for every parent. They want their child to get the best education, and for that they should be admited to a best school. There should be certain things that has to considered while choosing a school for child. These factors can be related to every aspect of life, whether its the ambience or the way of teaching. There are few factors that can easily make you understand what we are trying to explain. They are as follows:-

  • Read the mission statement of school.
  • Understand the curriculum
  • checkout the way of teaching
  • observe the school environment
  • Inquire about parent involvement
  • Find information about school’s financial situations
  • Investigate teachers satisfaction


They are the basic factors that has to be clarified before admitting your child into any school. First you have to see the comfortibility of your child because if the child is not happy than he will not be able to gain any knowledge. So before taking any decision, keep your mind open. Your one decision can affect the whole life of a child. top international school in Noida

There are many global international schools in noida that you can refer for your child. They provide the best education as well as different activities that can build up the morale of the child.

JBM Global is one of the top international school in Noida that can easily come under your expectations. Our way of teaching is totally different from schools. As we use different techniques and strategies to make the child prepare for the future outcomes.